2020 — The Reset Year

2020 is a year I think most people will be happy to see the back of. Covid, forest fires (at least in California), simmering tension and anger. I would consider myself a positive person, but this year has pulled out all the stops and tested my resolve!

It’s been close to a year since I saw any of my family or friends in-person, my fiancé and I had to cancel our wedding, I’ve likely inhaled enough smoke for a lifetime after close to a month of constant forest fires, and the tension associated with the US election has been difficult, as a recent immigrant, to wrap my head around.

With that being said, 2020 has also served as a reminder for what truly matters in life. I remember roughly 7 years ago my life became consumed with debilitating anxiety and depression, to the point where I struggled to see the point of life. Looking back, I couldn’t be more grateful for that period because it broke me down to the point where I essentially hit a reset button and looked at life from a new lens. I think 2020 has provided a similar opportunity to hit reset and refocus on what truly matters in life.

The warm, loving embrace you get from your mother. The uncontrollable laughter when reliving old memories with friends. The fresh air and beautiful flora when doing your favorite hike.

Those are the moments that matter and those are the moments that we are finally starting to miss. Not the instant gratification we get from likes, online shopping or Netflix binges.

2020, for all its faults, has brought what matters most back into clear view.



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